Turn on the watch screen when notifications are received. To check this open the Galaxy Wearable app on the connect phone and then tap Notifications.

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So I uninstalled it and everything started working perfectly.

Why is my samsung watch not getting notifications. Try reconnecting the Bluetooth. Check your Notifications Settings If restarting didnt work out for you make sure all the required notification access and permissions are enabled for the said apps. In this detailed guide we have mentioned nine tested solutions that show how you can fix the Apple Watch is not getting notifications issue.

If changing the notification settings didnt work and Samsung Galaxy Watch active WhatsApp is still causing issues then try rebooting the watch. My guess is that Samsung Pay prevents access to notifications because you need to unlock the watch. Uninstall Galaxy Wear app from phone.

Youre not seeing notifications at all. Show the details of new notifications automatically. Ive deleted the Samsung app and reinstalled.

If youre getting notifications from some apps but not others things get a little bit trickier. However if the problem continues inspect the watch for physical damages. Factory Reset your Galaxy Watch.

If not thats your issue. If Show only while wearing is enabled this option will prevent your phone from making a sound for notifications. You can restart your watch through the Settings app on your.

However a simple reboot may solve the problem. Samsung smart watch does not vibrate If the watch does not vibrate when its supposed to make sure watch only mode is turned off and check the vibrate option for Bluetooth disconnection alerts and notifications. Tap See all notification settings and then verify the switch next to the features are turned on.

If Only Specific Apps Arent Working. If the step and heart rate tracking features are not working properly on your watch the watch band or strap may be too loose or the software might need updating. In the Special Access menu select Notification Access then look for Android Wear.

Mine has been working fine for weeks. Try to restart your phone and your watch. Your watch doesnt vibrate when you get a notification.

You will not be notified if the notifications for Incoming call Missed call and Messages are turned off. To restart your Watch you will need to turn it off. Try to restart your phone and your watch.

STEP 1 STEP 2. Do NOT restore saved settings to the watch. I guess the problem iswas that when you install Samsung Pay you have to define a method to unlock the feature namely by using a dot pattern.

Make sure its toggled on. Just make sure they are actually connected. Power cycle both devices.

Follow prompts to reinstall the Wear app. Give this link a try. Make sure Sleep Mode is not enabled.

Press and hold the. The first thing you must do is check if notifications are turned on or enabled the. This happened after I installed my Samsung Account particularly the Samsung Pay in order to get applications.

Your watch doesnt vibrate when you receive a notification. Different things can prevent apps from running or showing notifications. You can restart your watch via the Settings app on your.

At times restarting your phone and Samsung Galaxy Watch is enough to fix the notification issues. Youre not seeing notifications at all. Check the Notification settings for your watch.

Apple Watch conveniently lets you glance at the incoming app notifications which can be extremely handy. I was receiving all of my notifications email text calls etc but now all of the sudden Im no longer receiving text notifications on the watch anymore. It is a simple but effective solution that may be able to fix Samsung gear sport Whatsapp problems.

However if you no longer receive these notifications on your wrist you might wonder where to begin looking for the problem and address it. Ive reset my watch which helped for the first few text alerts but now it isnt working again and I havent changed anything. On Samsung devices just choose Special Access from the menu.

Disable any function that could be blocking notifications and then test the app to see if it sends notifications. If it is well have to keep looking. For the people who have the same issue as me i went to the Samsung store near my city and they told me it was a software issue in the phone they fixed my software and took them 2 hours after that i got my phone back all reseted so i would make a back up first before you go and now that my software is fixed i get my notifications again.

I had to do this for my Galaxy Watch 46mm and Note9 which suddenly stopped the notifications. Samsung Galaxy Watch How To Enable or Disable OnOff Notifications. You may check for the same by heading over to Settings Apps and notifications See all xx apps.

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